Adventures of a wildlife photographer

This is part 5 in a series of my photographic adventure in the wilds of Alaska during the summer of 2011. When I last wrote, I was 92 miles into Denali National Park at the Kantishna Roadhouse. This is a privately owned camp, deep in the heart of Denali. I had spent the last three days hiking, fishing and photographing one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It was evening, and the rain moved into the area once again, shrouding the beautiful Mt. McKinley with a thick cover of mist and clouds. We would depart early the next morning, and I wouldn’t get another chance to catch a view of this magnificent mountain. Unrelenting rain greeted us as we boarded the bus for the long ride out of the park. It wouldn’t be a choice day for photography, but anything could happen in a park the size of Denali.We started our trip out of the park with a steady rain persisting. We were fortunate to get some clear and warm days during our stay in Denali. Those clear days made for some great photography. As we slowly drove out of the park that morning, I noticed the fresh snowfall on the mountain sides. Yes, fresh snow in July! For a minute I thought I was back in Kane. The lazy journey through the park produced a few caribou and one grizzly bear who decided he would rather sleep than give us a good photo. It was probably the weather which had most of the wildlife seeking some sort of shelter, rather than pose for a picture! The gloomy conditions began to clear as we neared the edge of the park, when to our surprise; a mother moose and her calf came into view.  A fitting end to our soggy ride out of the park, a portrait of a baby moose that, hopefully, everyone captured.See full article by purchasing the April 21 edition of The Kane Republican.