Cheerleaders give big boost to Tornadoes

Pictured are the Kane Tornadoes Varsity Cheerleaders just prior to boarding the bus for the trip to Bolivar, N.Y. last Sunday and as they cheered in front of the large Kane crowd at the Olean Youth Football Pony Championship won by the Tornadoes. The Varsity cheerleaders are Olivia Douglas, Lexi Novosel, Brittney Bradybaugh, Haley Eichenlaub, Chloe Starner, Sarah Cecchetti, Sierra Pontius, Krysalin Rhodes, Emily Kelly, Elise Johnson Marissa McKinney, Dessa Gentile Kendra Farnsworth and Kayla Lupole. The squad is coached by Lindsey Novosel, Angie Zuzek and Laura Rhodes. "These girls were a very important part of our team this season," said Tornadoes coach Kent Jenkins. "They were always there in the same weather we were in, they were always enthusiastic and they're pretty talented. They did a great job all season and they were really, really good at the Championship game. They also kept us entertained on the trip to and from Bolivar."We just wanted to offer our acknowledgements and to let the girls know that we very much appreciated their support and enthusiasm throughout this special season."