Kane loses last game of season to Bradford

The Kane Lady Wolves ended their season with a loss to Bradford in a three-game sweep, giving them a 7-9 record.  In the first set, the Lady Wolves struggled to gel as a team, allowing Bradford to take a huge 17-0 lead before getting a point. “The girls were just sort of out of sync in this opening set," said Kane head varsity volleyball coach Judy Kessler. "No matter what they did, it was a struggle. You have games like that and unfortunately when it’s against a strong team like Bradford, they’re going to take advantage of it and score a lot of points.” The Wolves could only generate an ace from Shannon Kocjancic and two kills by Audrey Perry and one by Katelyn Moran. “We put this game behind us and crossed the net for set two and the girls found their footing and played a much better match from this point on," Kessler said.The Wolves had a 10-5 lead in the second set with the help of four Perry kills, one by Nichole Sicher, and one by Nicole Shrubb. Angie Geer got point two on an ace. But the Owls answered back with points to take an 11-10 lead. Points traded to a 17-15 lead. Shrubb had an excellent dig in left back and Kocjancic and Moran made some great defensive plays on the right side. The Wolves stalled out a little in the last third of the game as Bradford outscored them two or three points to one, taking leads of 20-17, 23-19, and winning it 25-20. Perry added three more kills and Morgan Nicholson had a nicely placed tip. In the final set of their season the Wolves took a 4-3 lead with two consecutive kills from Sicher and a Perry kill. But Bradford pulled out the stops and generated eight straight points for a 12-4 lead. But the Wolves kept their heads in the game and chipped away to a 10-15 game. Sicher added another kill, and Cassie Whittemore had one, Nicholson had a push, and Moran served an ace. Down 16-24, the Wolves weren’t ready to quit. Perry put down a smashing attack followed by a nicely placed push by Nerissa Rich. Perry put down point 18 and Bradford made an error for the Wolves final point at 19-24 before the Owls ended it on a short attack.“In retrospect, this was a winning season in terms of how the girls grew as a team and as individuals," Kessler said. "Everybody wants to win and win big, but it’s not always in the cards. This year was tough on the girls because they knew they had a lot of talent but things just didn’t fall our way. There are four or five matches that we could’ve/should’ve/might’ve won. But you can’t 'what if' the season. We were in so many matches that just slipped away from us, but that’s where the winning paradox comes in. See full article by purchasing the Oct. 28 edition of The Kane Republican.