New student pickup procedure to begin March 19

A new procedure for student pickup by private vehicles will begin Monday, March 19 at the Kane Elementary School."We'll give it a whirl a see what happens," School Principal Linda Lorenzo said Tuesday in discussing the new procedure at a public meeting at the school library.Here are the basics of the new procedure:*Parents who arrive in vehicles to pick up their children after school are being asked to display "school-issued" name-tags near the windshield. "The best place is on the visor on the driver's side," the school said in a statement to parents.*Parents are asked to "line up" their vehicles along West Hemlock Avenue. The first arrivals will be able to pull into the driveway for the east parking lot and stop and wait for student dismissal. The dismissal for kindergarten through second grade is at 2:30 p.m. The dismissal for third, fourth and fifth-grade students is at 2:50 p.m.*Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles while in line in the eastbound lane of Hemlock Avenue.*As the line of vehicles approaches the school doors adjacent to the east parking lot, staff members carrying walkie-talkies will look for the name-tags inside the windshield and radio to staff inside. The staff inside will send out the children to board the vehicles as the names are radioed in.*Outside staff will assist the children in boarding the vehicles. After children are safely inside, parents can exit the parking lot and turn right only on Hemlock Avenue toward South Fraley Street.*Non-parents who arrive to pick up children may be asked to show identification before a child is placed on board the vehicle. Non-parents still need to show the proper name-tag inside the windshield.*For safety reasons, persons who arrive without name-tags to pick up children will be asked to check in at the school office."We have tried different approaches with our dismissal procedure over the last two years (with the new elementary school)," Lorenzo said in a letter to parents. She said the new procedure, hopefully, will "improve the efficiency" for student dismissal.The new procedure is being patterned after a similar policy at an elementary school in Bradford. Lorenzo said it takes only 10 minutes to handle 125 student pickups at the Bradford school.See full article by purchasing the March 1 edition of The Kane Republican.