Pickup truck slams into Kane Community Center

A large pickup truck jumped a curb late Tuesday night and slammed into the Kane Area Community Center at 46 Fraley St.Kane Police Chief Brian Hillard identified the driver as Nicholas Abplanalp, 18, of Kane. The driver and his passenger-- Mike Shrubb, 18, of Kane-- were not injured in the incident, police said.According to police, Abplanalp was operating a white Dodge pickup truck and was traveling north on Fraley Street in Uptown Kane. Just before 11 p.m. Tuesday, the truck veered right and jumped the curb, police said.The truck sheared off a street light pole and a fire hydrant before ramming the community center building, police said. The impact pushed the fire hydrant at least 100 feet, police said. Due to a shutoff mechanism, no water flowed after the hydrant was snapped off.The community center building sustained "significant damage," Hillard said. The impact either broke or severely damaged several large storefront windows on the community center building, police said.After colliding with the building, the truck sheared off two bicycle racks in front of the community center, police said. The truck also sheared off a pedestrian crosswalk sign and another pole for a street light, police said.See full article by purchasing the Jan. 5 edition of The Kane Republican.