Removal of ‘street’ trees in Kane draws criticism

A professional forester is critical of the removal of  “street” trees in the borough of Kane.Tom Kase, who is a member of the Kane Shade Commission, leveled his criticism Monday in a report presented to the Kane Borough Council.“To continue down the path of cutting our ‘street’ trees without replacing them is an ugly choice aesthetically and a terrible choice economically and environmentally,” Kase told council.He said “this idea of eliminating ‘street’ trees in Kane is terrible,” he said.Borough Council President Howard Kane said that trees on South Fraley Street and Hemlock Avenue have been removed by the Pennsylvania American Water Company due to water-line replacement projects.Councilman Dennis Drost said the cutting of the trees is “out of our control” because they were located in the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the curb.Kase, however, said council should be “embarrassed” because the Shade Tree Commission was never consulted before the trees were removed. He said one of the commission’s functions is to “sign off” after approving the removal of a tree in the borough.He said “one by one by one” the Kane streets are being “clear cut.”“Anyone wanting a glimpse into the future look of our borough should take a walk or ride down Hemlock Avenue and see all the large trees that were recently cut without any knowledge of the Shade Tree Commission,” Kase said in a statement read at the council meeting.Kase pointed out that he personally “negotiated” with the water company last year to have trees planted in Evergreen Park to replace the ones cut down on South Fraley Street.According to Kase, “trees and public utilities have coexisted for over 100 years” in Kane.See full article by purchasing the July 5 edition of The Kane Republican.