School board endorses historic research project

The Kane School Board has agreed to partner with the Kane Historic Preservation Society (KHPS) on a research project in the vicinity of Kane High School.The original home for General Thomas L. Kane and his wife, Elizabeth was located in the area of the high school auditorium, according to the society.“The home marked the beginning of the community and the growth and development of an area they loved,” the KHPS said in a statement presented Thursday to the school board.Under the partnership approved by the board, high school students and teachers will be able to “collaborate” with KHPS members to research the original Kane home, according to Dick Bly.A member of the KHPS, Bly showed slides of the Kane home—referred to as “Kane Summit.”Although construction of the high school in the late 1960s disturbed the site, Bly believes “field research” will unveil more information about the Kane homestead. He believes additional “artifacts” also may be uncovered in the vicinity of the school.According to the KHPS, construction of the “Kane Summit” home began in 1860, but was not completed until 1868 following the Civil War. General Kane was a commander for the Union in the Civil War and headed the legendary “Bucktails.”After fire destroyed the “Kane Summit” home in 1896, the Kane Manor along See full article by purchasing the Jan. 14 edition of The Kane Republican.