School project

Why were there over 75 umbrellas set up behind the Kane Area Elementary School last week? For a 5th grade art project. Temporary environmental art to be exact.Based on the art of Christo (he is famous for building a cloth fence over 24 miles long across California & also for surrounding islands in Florida with pink cloth) the entire 5th grade class displayed their “umbrella art” and had it photographed. This was done under the direction of volunteer parent, Anne Cleer, and the 5th grade teachers Mrs. Zeigler, Mrs. Grolemund, Ms. Counts, and Mr. Zimmerman.Mrs. Grolemund said she loved seeing “the creative form that came from something so simple.”Student, Rachel Morgan “had fun setting up the umbrellas and Kendall Watts “liked seeing all the different kinds of umbrellas”.Kendra Udovich liked “how it all came together “ along with Madigan Dalton who “loved seeing the finished project”.Wesley Cleer and Drew Buzard said “it was a lot of work but it was awesome when it was done.”Even clean up was fun, Chloe Starner and Randilynn Cooley “loved sorting and putting away the umbrellas.”Although the umbrellas were only displayed throughout the morning, the students will forever have all their hard work and artistic efforts memorialized in photographs. They also will know that they were each a part of creating its design. They hope you enjoy the photograph as much as they enjoyed learning about this art form and creating their own interpretation.