Summer school via Internet is proposed in Kane

Failing students in Kane High School and Kane Middle School would able to get back "on track" for graduation by taking Internet courses this summer.The school board's Curriculum Committee received input on the proposed Internet summer school earlier this month. The school board may approve the concept at its meeting April 19.Under the proposed "on-line" summer school, students would report to the computer lab at the middle school for three hours in the morning for six weeks. A proctor will supervise the students as they perform required work on the computers at their own pace. Students also would be able to complete additional work on their home computers.The Internet courses would follow the "A+" curriculum, which is now used by Kane cyber school students and is aligned with classes offered in the Kane schools.High School Principal Jeff Kepler and Middle School Principal Jim Fryzlewicz endorsed the Internet summer school in a memo to Dr. Maryann Anderson, superintendent of the Kane Area School District.In the statement, the principals said they believe the Internet summer school "would provide students with a much better opportunity to recover credits and, more importantly, to better understand the content that was unsuccessfully completed during the school year.""We have some seniors who won't graduate if the school year would end today," Kepler told the Curriculum Committee headed by school board member Harry Steele.The high school does not offer classroom summer school. Failing high school students who need credits for graduation have been able to take up to two "correspondence courses" at a cost of $116 each.Middle school students who fail two or more "core" courses such as math and English are now required to attend summer school and complete a correspondence course.See full article by purchasing the March 23 edition of The Kane Republican.