Volunteers continue to aid readers at middle school

Another page has turned on the reading assistance program at the Kane Middle School.For 14 years, community residents have made weekly visits to the school to help sixth-grade students with their reading assignments."They're dedicated, patient and understanding," reading teacher Julie Jubon said in praising the volunteers. "They've really made a difference."Many of the volunteers are retired persons or "stay-at-home moms," Jubon said. She said the volunteers faithfully show up every Tuesday morning from September to May to help students with their reading.Jubon, who initiated the outreach program, said she tries to match volunteers with students on a "one-to-one basis." Due to the number of students who need help, several volunteers work with more than one, Jubon said."It's always nice to have a one-on-one ratio," Jubon said. "But sometimes we have to 'double up.'"The program now has 11 volunteers, including middle school AmeriCorps workers Kathy Long and Ashley Mix. Long was a reading volunteer before she became a worker with AmeriCorps. Long, Deanna Eck and Sue Harlan of Ludlow are three of the "original" reading volunteers and have been with the program for all 14 years, Jubon said.Most of the volunteers are from Kane. In addition to Harlan, volunteers from outside Kane include Patty Keesler of Mt. Jewett and Judy Barner of Sheffield.Local volunteers include Julie Anderson, Ann Bokma, Eck, Lois Eckstrom, Kathy Muisiner and Don Stewart.More volunteers are needed to meet the need. Persons wishing to help students with reading from 8:10 a.m. to 9:37 a.m. every Tuesday are invited to contact Jubon through the middle school office. Her email address is jjubon@kasd.net.Jubon said she sees a "major improvement" in reading for the students who take part in the program in the middle school cafeteria.See full article by purchasing the March 29 edition of The Kane Republican.