Wolves face 3-0 Rovers in AML South opener

The AML opens divisional play this week after three weeks of AML North vs AML South. The 2-1 Kane Wolves will host the 3-0 Brockway Rovers on Friday night in what appears to be a contest of two closely matched teams.The Rovers have dominated the first three teams on their schedule, defeating Cameron County in their season opener by a score of 42-8, then beating Otto-Eldred 42-6, and last week jumping out to an early 35-7 lead to Sheffield before sending the Wolverines home with a 35-21 loss. The Wolves have defeated the 0-3 Terrors and Wolverines by similar scores, 48-8 over Otto, and 35-13 over Sheffield. The Wolves' only loss on the season has come at the hands of the high-powered Port Allegany Gators, who are regarded as the favorite in the AML. The Gators defeated the Wolves 46-13 in Port in week two.