“Pay It Forward” At Lillian’s Place

Staff Writer

On August 23rd, Pat Westerburg and Tina Westerburg were working in their facility, Lillian’s Place when a lady and two little girls came to the window and ordered their ice cream, sat down to eat it.  Tina Westerburg said, “Minutes later the lady came back up to the window handed me some more money, nodded to the family just arriving and said, “I’ll pay for their order.  She then discreetly went and sat down.  After the young gentle man ordered for his family, I explained to him that his order was paid for by this customer.  He was astonished by such an act of kindness but also reacted with the same sweet gesture of wanting to “pay it forward.”  Tina said, “This literally went on for quite awhile from one customer to the next.”
Tina continued by saying, “Pat and I are the lucky ones being the messengers to each customer and letting them know that their order was taken care of by prior patrons.  Although we all were donning our face masks, the smiles were showing through along with wonderful words of kindness and gratitude.  This past Sunday is one we along with many others will remember fondly.  I must say that this wonderful small town of Kane, Pa has many attributes to be proud of.”
Tina Westerburg continued by saying, “It is the people who are supportive, kind, and caring.  People who prove that yes, “we are all in this together.”
Sourced by Tina Westerburg.