The A-100 Challenge

The Allegheny National Forest Chapter of the North Country Trail will be holding the third annual Allegheny 100 Challenge. With the enormous success of past years event, the expectations of this year to be even larger. With the continues sponsorship from Allegheny Outfitters, which has been a huge supporter of the Allegheny National Forest Chapter of the North Country Trail. The Allegheny 100 challenge promoting awareness of the North Country Trail, Allegheny National Forest and McKean, Warren and Forest Counties.     The Allegheny 100 Challenge is the ultimate hiking challenge. This is a decisive endurance challenge, thru hiking not biking. Set at an individual pace, not a race with others but test of one’s stamina, determination and resilience. The adventure will take place on a 100-mile stretch of the North Country National Scenic Trail that meanders through the rolling hills and stream valleys of the Allegheny National Forest. New this year, instead of traveling north to south, hikers will travel south to north.    The Challenge is hiking a 100 miles in 2 days, actually 50 hours. If you cannot commit to the 100-mile challenge, you can still participate in a 25 mile or 50 mile offered that weekend along the same trail. This is for anyone, of any skill level who wants to test him or herself against the trail on their hiking ability and pace. The course for the challenge will extend from just south of Marienville, at Vowinckel, Pennsylvania to a point just before the New York border, Willow Bay.    Hikers will be traveling thru trail towns in McKean, Warren and Forest counties, with tremendous support of the many communities. Many hikers of prior years have stated how friendly and supportive these communities have been. Some hikers from many other states commented on the Allegheny National Forest as being one of the most beautiful and scenic trail they have venture thru. Hikers when listing their occupations, the range is diverse, many are doctors, lawyers, teachers, some retired and some students. Even couples, fathers and sons, best friends and in the end many no longer strangers.  For those who particulate will receive membership in the North Country Trail Association to support the trail shuttle service and a tee shirt, donated by Allegheny Outfitters. The Ultimate Hiking Challenge will start Friday, June 8th at 6 p.m. and continue until 8 p.m. Sunday, June 12. Entrants must bring their own food, drinks, and gear. Remembering to “Leave No Trace” and be aware that cell phones may not work.    For more information, please contact, North Country Trail Association, 229 E. Main Street, Lowell, Michigan 49331, Toll-free (866) 445-3628, (616) 897-5987, Email:, Web Site: or ANF Chapter President Keith W. Klos, 8320 Route 337, Tidioute, Pennsylvania 16351-4318, (814) 484-7420, NCT in the ANF email: Project leader: Bert Nemcik, 814-927-8303. Registration deadline is June 1st, 2011, for shuttling service and tee shirts. For companies wishing to sponsor the Allegheny 100 Challenge, please contact Karen M. Klos, 8320 Route 337, Tidioute, Pennsylvania 16351-4318, (814) 484-7420, NCT in the ANF email: