2 Kane men jailed on charges linked with drugs

Two Kane men have been placed in the McKean County Jail after their arrest on charges linked with drugs.According to documents filed with the Kane District Court, the defendants include:*Wade Henry Pennington, 45, of 11 S. Elk Ave., Kane.*Peter Guy Avenali, 52, of 15 Fraley St., Kane.Pennington is the defendant in three separate criminal cases—two involving the alleged sale of pain-killing pills to a “confidential informant.”County Detective Scott Nelson of the McKean County Drug Task Force placed the charges in the two felony cases involving the alleged sale of drugs.In the third case, Pennington is charged with the possession of drug paraphernalia.Kane Borough Police Officer Heath Boyer placed this charge after he and State Parole Agent Shawn Hartman located an alleged “used hypodermic needle” in the defendant’s bedroom.Kane District Court Judge Dave Engman arraigned Pennington and placed him the county jail in lieu of $22,500 cash bail.Pennington is due to appear Thursday in Central Court at the county courthouse in Smethport.Pennington reportedly also has violated terms of his state prison parole, according to county jail records.In an unrelated case, Avenali is charged with possession of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance.State Police Trooper Ted Race filed these charges after an incident on Fraley Street (Route 6) in the borough of Kane.Police stopped to speak with the defendant and a juvenile after observing “an exchange between the two that appeared to be a drug deal,” court documents show.When police were near the scene, “pills” spilled on the ground, according to court records.Avenali was placed in the county jail in lieu of $5,000 cash bail. He is scheduled to appear Thursday in Central Court at the county courthouse in Smethport.Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, April 17, 2012 edition of The Kane Republican for more.