Aggressive bear kills dog in Kane

Chuck Abraham
Staff Writer

An aggressive bear killed a dog on Laurel Avenue in the borough on Monday.
According to eyewitness reports, a bear was spotted near the residence of Brenda Bobich on Laurel Avenue at approximately 10:15 p.m. Monday night by her daughter.
According to Bobich, her daughter came home and tied the dog out before retiring for bed. She no sooner got the dog tied up and noticed the dog was barking. Bobich said the dog was “torn off the lead and in the bear's mouth less than 15 feet from the door.”
Bobich's daughter ran at the bear in an attempt to scare it and let the dog go, but the bear charged the girl. The Kane Borough Police Department responded shortly thereafter as the girl got back into the house safely, according to Bobich.
Bobich said the bear carried the dog into a nearby empty lot where neighbors found the animal dead. The bear fell from a tree approximately 10 feet from where people were looking for it, Bobich said. She explained the bear has mange and is “very aggressive.”
People should contact the local authorities if they spot the bear, and to take precautions if they find themselves around it.