Church hosts Super KWT

The Presbyterian Church of Kane hosted Super KWT (Kids Worshipping Together) on Nov. 14. Nineteen youth, 11 middle and high school helpers and 11 adults worked to make this event a success. On a day that they had off from school we spent eight hours together. We enjoyed snacks, bowling, crafts, singing, playing games, watching a movie with popcorn made by "The Popcorn King," recreation, listening to a storyteller and having lunch. This event was open to the public and youth and helper came from Tabor Lutheran Church and the Emmanual Mission Church. The theme for the day was "Safety" based on Psalm 16. Special Guests were Police Chief Brian Hillard who talked about the role of police officers in keeping our community safe and Mayor Doug Caldwell. There was lively discussion after their presentation. KWT meets after school on Wednesdays and ends at 5:30 p.m. after dinner.  Grades K through high school are welcome. If your child is interested in attending contact the church office at 837-6960.