Council says skate/bike ramps are closed for now

There are a lot unhappy youths in Kane today.The Kane Borough Council declared Monday that the skate/bike ramps at Glenwood Park are still closed."No trespassing" signs remain posted at the wooden structure even though most of the ramps have been repaired-- by the users themselves with volunteer adult assistance.Speaking at a nearly three-hour meeting, Council President Howard Kane said "all of the repairs aren't done yet." Until the work is completed and inspected, the ramped-facility is considered "uninsurable," it was pointed out.Tony Alfieri, a Smethport attorney who serves as the borough solicitor, said the borough has notified its insurance carrier that the skate/bike ramps "are not being used."Despite this notification and the signs, youths still are riding bicycles and skateboards up and down the ramps. Repairs are yet to be completed in some sections.Kane said that "technically, they're trespassing" if the youths are riding on the ramps."They're not allowed on it," Kane said.He said the borough's insurance carrier canceled its insurance on the skate/bike ramps last year due to the deteriorated condition of the wood. The borough then posted "closed" and "no trespassing" signs at the site.See full article by purchasing the Aug. 14 edition of The Kane Republican.