County planners OK Hamlin right-of-way change

Staff Writer

SMETHPORT — The location of a right-of-way is being moved on a property subdivision in Hamlin Township.
The McKean County Planning Commission voted 7-0 Tuesday to approve the re-location of the 50-foot right-of-way for the Earl Falkinburg subdivision on the Railroad Grade Road.
The road intersects with Bright’s Road, which connects to the north side of Route 6 about a mile east of Hazel Hurst.
Planning commission members Tony Clarke (Bradford Township), Dick Kallenborn (Port Allegany), Pete Gardner (Foster Township), “Butch” Shaffer (Norwich Township), Ron Keim (Kushequa), Don Payne (Kane) and Nancy Rathbun (Smethport) approved the relocation of the right-of-way.