County treasurer's office now accepts credit cards

SMETHPORT – "I think it's going to work fine."That's how McKean County Treasurer Nancy Evans describes a new program on the acceptance of credit and debit cards for payments at the county treasurer's office in Smethport.Under the new program, the treasurer's office will accept "plastic" for virtually every payment such as county property taxes and per capita tax. The office even will accept credit cards for the purchase of dog licenses, fishing licenses and hunting licenses.In some cases, a "convenience fee" is added to the payment.But Evans said this fee has not deterred the use of "cards" during a "trial basis" at the treasurer's office. "A lot of people like the convenience of using their credit and debit cards from home," Evans said. "We underwent the 'trial basis' to make sure everything was working well before we started promoting the service."The program enables McKean County residents to go "online" via the internet to pay taxes and buy licenses.Residents also can go "online" to purchase any of the licenses and permits sold through the treasurer's office. These include dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, bingo and small games of chance permits, sportmen’s pistol permits and also notary services.   Bradford city taxpayers who have not yet paid their 2011 county real estate and per capita taxes may pay them on-line by going to the county web site at 2011 taxes must be paid by Dec. 31 or they will be delinquent and turned over to the county tax claim bureau.  Taxes may also be paid by mail. Payments of 2011 taxes postmarked by Dec. 31 will not be considered delinquent. In 2012, Bradford city taxpayers will have the option of paying their county real estate taxes in four installments.   Bradford city taxpayers who want to pay on the installment plan must make their first payment by March 15, 2012. Subsequent payments must be made by April 30, June 15 and July 31. If any of the subsequent installment payments are late, a 10 percent penalty is added. Payment of the first installment by March 15 is evidence of intention to pay on the installment plan. Otherwise the taxes are due and payable in full.Bradford city taxpayers may pay their county real estate and per capita taxes at the treasurer’s office using a credit or debit card. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011 edition of The Kane Republican for more.