Fitness Court Survey Results Finalized

Staff Writer

            The final results from the community wide survey, gauging public opinion on the new fitness court project in Evergreen Park, proposed by Mayor Schimp, have been gathered. There were 137 responses. The majority of respondents supported the project, particularly if funding was provided by sponsors. 
Of the 137 people who responded, 83.9% viewed the fitness court introductory video before completing the survey. 86.9% of respondents said that they believed the court would fit in with the setting of the park in the proposed location, between the tennis courts and the dragon slide. 
89.1% agreed that they think the fitness court will fit in with the master plan of Evergreen Park, although some respondents commented that they are unaware of what the master plan is. 59.1% of those who responded said that they would personally use the fitness court and 93.4% support their family and friends using it. 59.6% of respondents reported that they currently have a fitness routine. 94.1% said they support the project if it is fully funded by sponsors.