Forever Young’ is theme for United Church Women

“Forever Young” was the theme for a gathering Friday of the United Church Women of Kane.More than 50 attended the luncheon and program at Nelson Hall at the Tabor Lutheran Church at Greeves and Dawson streets in Kane.The highlight was a performance by six women dressed as dancers wearing black tops, short shirts and red headbands.The dancers included Connie Espen, Dee Greville, Barb Kimbrough, Susie Swanson, Mary Thompson and Ruth Truden. At least three dancers are in their 80s.Darrel Goodman, owner of the Arlington Hotel in Kane, volunteered his time to play the accordion for the program. He also led the group in singing several “Golden Oldies” songs and sang other tunes. He also sang and played as the women rose from their seats to stand and form a circle to perform the “Hokey-Pokey” routine.The Rev. Nancy Page, a Kane resident who is the pastor at the Sugar Grove Presbyterian Church, delivered the keynote address.“Staying young at heart requires a sense of humor,” Page said in her remarks. “We are so blessed to have lived long enough to have our hair turning gray and to have our youthful laughs forever etched into the deep grooves in our faces.”Page said it seems “those who laugh a lot never grow old.”“So many have never laughed and so many have died before their hair could turn to silver,” Page said. “So let’s live life fully and pay no attention to our ages.“Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”Page said she believes “it is easier to be positive as we get older.”“We care less about what other people think,” she said. “We don’t question ourselves as much because we’ve earned the right to be wrong. As we age, I think we become kinder to ourselves and less critical of our flaws.”See full article by purchasing the May 5 edition of The Kane Republican.