Grant covers new roof at KARE's Clay Street School

Roof work begins at Clay Street School
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

In 2017, with help from the estate of the late former Kane Borough Councilman John “G” Gentilman, the Kane Area Revitalization Enterprise acquired the former Clay Street School, located at the corner of Clay and Greeves streets.  
The group, whose goal is to take on beautification and restoration projects around town, has one goal in mind.
“We want to save the property,” said Royce Novosel-Johnson, vice president of KARE. “It’s the last of the old neighborhood schools still standing, and one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Kane. As a board, we want to help preserve the historic character of our community and bring the building back to life.”
KARE has made a lot of progress in the short time they’ve owned the property. Most notably, the curb appeal has already improved with the help of Chittester Excavating and a number of hardworking KARE For Kane volunteers, who removed overgrown shrubbery and cleaned up the lot surrounding the building.