Hamlin Township project is facing opposition

HAZEL HURST – A proposed residual waste tank holding facility in Hamlin Township is facing opposition from residents who are concerned with pollution and traffic issues.Dr. Jan Hendryx and his wife, Christine, expressed their concerns Monday at a meeting of the Hamlin Township Board of Supervisors in Hazel Hurst."We're concerned about our health," Dr. Hendryx told the supervisors. "Air pollution is huge."Dr. Hendryx is associated with the Erie Medical Associates and is a faculty member at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.The proposed waste tank holding facility is linked with the drilling of Marcellus Shale natural gas wells in the area by Shell (SWEPILP).According to Hendryx, the facility is planned for a site at Mead Run and Route 219, about two miles north of Lantz Corners. Hendryx and his wife reside along Mead Run adjacent to the Allegheny National Forest (ANF)."As a physician and nearby neighbor to the proposed residual waste 'tank farm,'" Hendryx said he is "extremely concerned" about the safety of "our neighbors, our pets, farm animals and wildlife."In a five-page letter, Hendryx outlines 15 reasons why he and his wife are "strongly opposed" to the project.The "potential for explosion" is one of the factors, Hendryx said in his letter. He claims that storage tanks with "frack water" contain "large amounts of volatile organic compounds mixed with methane gas dissolved in the water.""There is always the chance that this mixture could explode, causing a fire and releasing toxic chemicals into the air and environment, and injuring people," Hendryx said.He said a proposed natural gas pipeline is "very close to our east property line."See full article by purchasing the Nov. 15 edition of The Kane Republican.