Headlines from the Past

Staff Writer

Week of December 3, 1916 – 2 cents a copy
“Good Book Week” Being Observed Here This Week
The Benefits Of A Free Library To Be Brought To Public’s Attention
Program Most Appropriate
Tuesday Evening Will Be Given Over to the Men and Boys and Friday Will Be Women’s Day

Murray Derr, Here on Tuesday, Slain By A Former Bradford Man
W.F. Peasley, Once Convicted of Manslaughter in This County, Killed Johnsonburg Young Man Near Erie, Following a Quarrel
Murray F Derr, 29 years old, of Johnsonburg, who was in Kane Tuesday, was shot and instantly killed at Wesleyville, near Erie, last night by W.F. Peasley, formerly of Bradford. The tragedy was a culmination of petty quarrels extending over a year and covering almost every current topic. The shooting occurred in a boarding house and was witnessed by Mrs. A.H. Powell, the landlady. A charge of shot from a twelve-guage shotgun tore through Derr’s left lung.

Planning For The Municipal Christmas Tree
This Year’s Display Promises To Be More Elaborate Than In Previous Years
If Funds Are Forthcoming
The Plan is to Line Fraley Street, from the Railroad Station to Haines Street, With Various Colored Lights

Boys Forge An Order For Cigarettes
As the Result a Biddle Street Dealer is Subject to Arrest
Several Other Dealers Had Narrow Escape

McKean’s Youthful “Bad Man” Escapes From An Erie Home
Clinton Arthurs, 13 Years Old, Regains Liberty By Eluding Authorities
Long Record of Escapades
Setting Fire to Jail and Robbing of Eldred Depot, Are Some of Acts That Give Him Name of Incorrigible