Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines of the Past – Week of January 28, 1916

Clouds Make The Groundhog’s Shadow Invisible
Winter Is Over According To Those Who Believe The Dope
Womankind Is Thankful
In The Face of a Late Easter the Groundhog Furnishes An Excuse For Early Spring Wearing Apparel

Quarters Are Secured For The Wilcox Pupils
And School Sessions Will Start As Soon As The Desks Arrive
Souvenir Of Melted Bell
Son Of Woman Found Dead In Field Released From Custody
All the News of Busy Wilcox

Judge Corbett Made Jefferson County Dry Territory Today
Judge Charles Corbett made Jefferson County dry territory when he turned down every applicant for license. The judge, who was the candidate of the No-License League and who was elected on a dry plank over his brother-in-law, former judge John W Reed, last November.

Austin Business Men Sue The Bayless Company For $150,000
Claim is That to Save Money the Memorable Dam Was Built Lighter Than the Engineer’s Plans
After the Austin dam broke on September 30, 1911, about 400,000,000 gallons of water swept through the valley. The village of Austin, Pa. was wrecked and 75 lives were lost.

McAlee, Shot By Young Daughter, Died Yesterday
Decided at Inquest that the Bullet Caused His Death
Girl In Lime-Light Before
She Accompanied a Kane Girl and Two Boys On a Famous Freight Train Trip Several Months Ago
Chris McAlee, the Johnsonburg man who was shot by his daughter, Susie McAlee, while attempting to gain access to the McAlee home on Thursday evening, January 13, died yesterday at the home of his sister here, where he had been a patient since the shooting.
McAlee was tried at the recent term of Elk County court on the charge of beating his wife. He was acquitted and given his freedom. When he tried to enter the family’s home through a locked door later, his daughter shot through the door, striking him.
Kane people will remember the youthful assailant of her father as the girl who accompanied a certain young woman of Kane on a freight train, in company with a couple of Kane boys. The quartet was taken into custody in Warren.