Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – March 17, 1936
Damage Heavy as Poles, Trees Crash During Sleet Storm Here
Heaviest Rain in Three Years Reported Here
Spring Water company employees reported that 2.3 inches of rainfall descended in the past 24 hours.

Storm Damage in Thousands
Many Feared Lost As Floods Sweep Through Pennsylvania
Wire And Rail Facilities Crippled Here – Damage May Total Over $50,000
The most dangerous part of the ice and sleet storm which paralyzed Kane and vicinity yesterday and this morning was believed past this afternoon with moderating temperatures.
Unofficial estimates were that the damage in Kane would exceed $50,000. Chief loss was to electric powered telephone companies, although there was inestimatable damage to shade trees and residences about town.
Wire communications out of Kane remained paralyzed today and it was believed it would be at least a month before normal service is restored. At noon today, there was still not a long distance or telegraph wire in use out of Kane. Railroad service also was at a standstill.

Emergency Is Declared By Council
Street Patrols, Fire Crews Ordered On Duty
Clear Streets Of Storm Debris

CCC Camp One, Underwater for Hours, Now Safe But Isolated
CCC Camp One, near Duhring, about 20 miles south of here, was reported safe today after being marooned by flood waters yesterday and last night.
Part of the camp was under water yesterday and it was feared for a time it would be necessary to evacuate the 175 members of the colony.

Over 8,000 Homeless in Johnstown;
Pittsburgh Downtown Inundated
The dam above Johnstown collapsed this afternoon and the entire city of Johnstown was wiped out.
Whistles of all plants are sounding warnings and all residents are fleeing to the hills.
Fifty blocks in downtown Pittsburgh were under waters, in places 18 feet deep, and the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, which form the Ohio at the Golden Triangle, were still rising.

Flood Stage Is Near At Warren; Wrecked Train Blocks Road
Due to collapse of communications and impassibility of highway, it was virtually impossible for the Republican to contact neighboring towns today.

May Continue The Twin Lakes Development
ANF Staff Charting Work for Next 6 Months
Hope for continuation of the Twin Lakes project six miles from here, reported in danger of abandonment because of CCC camp evacuation, was advanced today by L.S. Gross, Allegheny National Forest supervisor.
It had been feared that work on the Twin Lakes recreational development would cease with abandonment of CCC Camps 7, 10, 11 and 12. Camps 7, Bowman Mills, and 12, LaMont, have been assisting in the work at Twin Lakes. All four camps are slated to be abandoned soon.

Kane National Guard Units Go To Johnstown For Flood Rescue Duty
Kane’s two units in the Pennsylvania National Guard combined with other rescue agencies to bring assistance to the flood stricken Johnstown sector today.
Mobilized hurriedly for duty last evening, Company M and Headquarters Company left for Johnstown in four buses at 1:30 o’clock this morning. Ninety-two men were in the contingent.

Three-Fourths Of Lock Haven Is Under Water
Fire Damage Heavy; Renovo Radios For Help
1,000 Homeless At Clearfield
All of Williamsport Is Under Water
$200,000 Flood Loss Estimate In Ridgway

Flood Death Toll Now 175
275,000 Homeless; Property Damage Over $200,000,000

Epidemic Threatens Renovo
Kane Man Reported Urgent Need for Chloride Of Lime
Prevention of disease, the terrifying after effect of flood, was the fight being waged in Renovo today as the valley town on the Susquehanna reported by short wave radio that “things are pretty well under control” in a message sent out at 2 am today.