Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past - Week of August 4, 1966

Hilltop Sky Show- U.F.O.s, Satellites, Shooting Stars, Etc
Hilltop skies last night were crystal clear-and provided a constant source of intriguing sights.
UFOs were spotted as late as 2 a.m. today. These were “objects in the skies that could not be identified.” They included varied colored lights, some stationary-some moving and too high for examination or a check out.
A satellite moved over around 10 p.m., identifiable aircraft were moving over in an almost constant procession.
One UFO with a continuous red light was observed by many persons and there were reports of all kinds of sightings. Sky watchers saw many “shooting stars”-meteors.
But, there were no “down to earth” reports of the “Flying Saucer” sightings that have been made here in the past few weeks.
The Erie area is agog over the close UFO sighting report on the Peninsula Sunday night which followed a close observation hereby several days ago.

Kane Handle Knocks 7-Up Out Of Playoffs; Hillcrest Stays Alive
George Matis and his Kane Handle teammates knocked 7-Up out of the Junior Knothole play-off competition. Matis gave up only one run on 5 hits. Kane Handle picked up 14 runs on 9 hits.
Catcher Benny Ishman had 2 hits and Bill Mague had 3 hits for the winners. Tom Cecchetti pitched for the losers with John Maljovec doing the catching.

Kane’s Ragweed Pulling Contest Set Next Week
There will be $50 in prizes for ragweed pulling next week-with judging to be held at the Borough Building on Poplar Street starting at 9 am next Saturday, August 13.
This is just ahead of the official opening of the “Sneeze Season”- traditionally on August 15 when ragweed sends out its shower of irritating pollen.

Best McKean County Fair Promised With Planning New Look
Everything is set today for what promises to be an historic McKean County Fair- the best since the exposition was reactivated back in 1946. Abandoning the old Labor Day opening date as result of weather experience- and conflict with school opening was the first big step.

UFO Sighted Last Night At Ludlow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brinkley of Ludlow, watched a large UFO hover in immediate vicinity of that community at 10 pm last night.
Mrs. Brinkley said the object had a bright “greenish light”- with one red blinking light, one bright red light on continuously.
The object, stationary in the sky, was reported at “tree-top level, then moved to the Gibbs Hill area.”