Honors English 7 students write books

Students in the Honors English 7 class at the Kane Middle School have written children's stories that have been published as books.Jeannine Kloss, who teachers English 7 and computer literacy classes at the school, assigned the students to each write a children's story that focused on character education.After writing their stories, the tales were published as books through the StudentPublishing.com website.Each book with a 16-page story has a cover design, title page, dedication page and author page. A graphics program allowed the students to add illustrations to their stories. They also were able to add color and draw their own pictures for their books.StudentPublishing.com provides each student with one free copy of their book. Students may buy additional copies."This class has very academically-strong students," Middle School Principal Jim Fryzlewicz said in a report to the Kane School Board.Plans call for the students to read their stories to younger children in the Kane Elementary School.See full article by purchasing the Feb. 29 edition of The Kane Republican.