Hotshots take home the gold

CLEVELAND – On May 12, the Hotshots Jump Rope Team competed at the AAU Jump Rope Lake Erie Regional Qualifier in Cleveland, Ohio. There were eight teams including teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Canada. The jumpers competed to qualify for the National Championships in Houston, Texas later this summer. The Hotshots competed in Speed, Power, and Freestyle in both individual and partner events. Speed tests how fast you can jump the rope using a jog step method. In Power, the jumpers compete using double-unders which is when the rope goes around twice per jump. The Freestyle event is a one-minute routine to music. The top 10 jumpers in the Triple Crown Standings qualifies for Nationals.  The Triple Crown Championship is the overall winner when all three events points are combined.Chelsea Hunt won the gold medal as the Triple Crown Overall Champion in the 10-year-old division despite being 9 years old and one of the youngest jumpers in her age group. Chelsea was first in speed with 256 jumps in a minute, more than four jumps a second. In the Power event, Chelsea finished forth with 112 double-unders in a minute. Chelsea finished second in Freestyle and despite having a few mistakes in her routine, her advanced skills and hard work were evident. Chelsea successfully performed advanced moves such as the one-handed mule kick and a triple combination which had several difficult triple-unders including two Triple T.J.’s (the rope crosses across the body and under one leg while the rope goes three revolutions around you while you are in the air). No competitor in Chelsea’s age group-nor the next two age groups above her performed a Triple T.J., and only Chelsea and her partner Hannah Buhl completed a one-handed mule kick at this tournament including all age divisions. This was a very tough age group which included Abigail Meyer from Kewl Trax who finished third at Nationals overall in the Triple Crown Standings and Brianna Jasper who placed fifth overall at Nationals in the Triple Crown Standings last year. Chelsea beat some great jumpers today to win that age group. Chelsea has the potential to be the National Champion this year if she dedicates herself to this in the coming months.Raeann Asel placed eighth overall in the Triple Crown Standings in the 10-year-old division. The highlight of Raeann’s day was her third-place finish in the Freestyle event. Raeann finished ahead of two national place winning jumpers and had a near perfect routine. Raeann has a lot of ability and worked really hard to develop moves such as the mule kick and mule kick cross to move herself into the upper echelon of freestyle jumpers in the country. Raeann placed ninth in speed with 212 jumps in a minute. See full article by purchasing the May 23 edition of The Kane Republican.