"The Howl" "Thanks for caring about Kane!"

Harlan Beagley

Color Comic Section in Tomorrow’s Paper, adding “The Howl,” and other Bits & Pieces
“Thanks for caring about Kane!” wrote Bonnie Fuller

“How refreshing to read that you have actually set foot in Kane! Don’t think your predecessors did. I really enjoyed your commentary in the Family Press last week, and now this! Knowing that you have been here and visited and spoken to your advertisers, our local businesses means a lot,” wrote Bonnie Fuller, a kind Kane Republican reader.
OK, as requested, instead of “The publisher’s commentary,” let’s call it the “The Howl” once a week. OK, maybe a little more, it will depend on our readers, of course, and you’ll have to help out with some ideas. I’m the “new guy” and new guys truly don’t know what’s what in Kane — “Knowledge is currency here....”
[Kim and I met a lot of nice Kane folks when we were staying over at the Hilltop Suites while we looked for a home]. I will try to get around and meet more locals straightaway. I like to review local events, people and businesses most times. Ted Lutz will still do his great work in the newsroom and this column will be a small canvas for me to weigh in on or champion local topics. I’ll share a thought or two on Kane politics, borough stuff [and our fine state] — I’ll hold folks accountable on matters of public interest from time to time of course. Sorry, I won’t tell you who to vote for or against [reading the Kane Republican every day will help with that]. However, I will condemn or endorse legislation, tax bills, rate hikes, school bonds and levies, etc. My telephone number and contact information is in the paper every day, or just stop by our newspaper office, if I’m away, leave a note with our fine staffers and I will get a hold of you. My cellular number is 509-770-6598 and my email is harlanbeagley@gmail.com. Naming a column is always fun, we picked “The Howl” [Thank you Mike Tucker], it was fitting because of our high school pride, “Kane Wolves.” How many of you remember “On the hilltop” by Dick Coleman? I’m told back in the day that was a column in this paper. Here are some of the other ideas that where kicked around the newsroom last night: n“On the Record in Kane” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“On the hilltop” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“Kane Kommentary” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“The Word of Kane” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“The LIES behind the TRUTH in Kane,” [and the TRUTH behind those LIES…that are behind that truth] A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“Speak Kane, speak, good boy” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“Insane in Kane” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“Kane’s World” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
•“K-Town Rap” A weekly column by Notorious B.E.A.G.
•“The voice of K-Town” A weekly column by Dr. B and the KR carriers
•“The Howl” A weekly column by HJ Beagley
Too bad we couldn’t use them all, I hope you like “The Howl,” and our other changes, and thank you for reading.

Tomorrow: Color comics in the Kane Republican
Four full pages of funnies in full color, in their own section, will be offered for your review. King Features [our comic suppliers] celebrates 100 years of comics. They built a 100-year anniversary section for us, I know some of you are loving the funnies, so for the next four Saturdays in the Kane Republican you will have four pages of color comics. Please tell your friends.