Kane area Republicans back Romney

Kane area Republicans gave solid support Tuesday to Mitt Romney for President in a lackluster primary election.Nationwide, Romney appears to be the Republican nominee to oppose incumbent Democrat incumbent President Barack Obama in the Nov. 6 general election.Romney was heavily favored by Republicans in virtually every polling place in the Kane area. In the borough of Kane, Romney led with 55 votes in the First Ward, 45 votes in the Third Ward and 16 votes in the Fourth Ward. In the Second Ward, Rick Santorum edged Romney by a vote of 9-7.Santorum finished second to Romney in area voting for the Republican nomination for president and Ron Paul took third. Newt Gingrich ran a distant fourth in Kane and failed to receive a single vote in the Second Ward.Kane area Republicans also gave strong support to Tom Smith of Armstrong County for the nomination for U.S. Senate. Incumbent Senator Bob Casey Jr. easily won the Democratic nomination.See full article by purchasing the April 25 edition of The Kane Republican.