Kane Eagles Club Buys I-Pad for Jerrod

The Kane Eagles Club continues to help people in need from our area. Kane’s Jerrod Swanson was born with Nager’s Syndrome, also known as acrofacial dysostosis. The condition is extremely rare with only a few hundred cases reported worldwide. According to the Foundation for Nager and Miller Syndromes, it is “a rare genetic condition involving physical anomalies.” Jerrod, who graduated in June from Kane Area High School, now works at Futures in Bradford. Some of his co-workers had trouble understanding Jerrod, so he was referred to a speech pathologist. The speech pathologist told Jerrod and his mother, Jean Swanson, that there was a government agency that might purchase a communication board for Jerrod to help others understand him. Jerrod qualified to receive one, but unfortunately, the equipment weighed too much for him to carry around all day.