Kinzua Bridge State Park Draws Tourists

Staff Writer

On Saturday, Lantz Corners was overflowing with traffic from tourists who came to the Kinzua Bridge State Park.  Travelers were at a standstill at Lantz Corners due to overflowing traffic.  Lantz Corners Getaway Motel was at full capacity.  Residents of Mount Jewett said tourists were stopping them and asking for directions to the Kinzua Bridge or the Kinzua Sky Walk.  The owner of the Jewett Market Place said the store was busier than usual.
Traffic stoppage was over a mile long on Lindholm Road to the bridge.  As traffic eased closer to the Kinzua Bridge State Park intersection (Lindholm Road and Viaduct Road), motorcyclists were leaving the right line and entering the left lane to get farther ahead that caused a dangerous situation with oncoming traffic.  Others changed their minds and turned around when reaching an opportunity.  A vehicle was broken down and parked along the side of the road.  A tow truck driver was one amongst those in the slow-moving traffic.
Comments were that over a thousand people went to the Kinzua Bridge State Park on Saturday.
A traffic officer directed traffic at the intersection and looked out for the safety of people walking to and from their parked vehicles on Lindholm Road.
The Kinzua Bridge State Park is 339-acres and located in McKean County at 296 Viaduct Road, Mount Jewett, PA.  Tourists and local residents visit the Kinzua Bridge State Park particularly this time of year due to the fall foliage.