Major renovation project is proposed at high school

A major renovation project has been proposed for Kane Area High School.The net project cost is estimated at nearly $7.9 million and would require a "net annual local effort" of $233,000 over  the next 20 years. The estimated millage increase required for the project is 1.44 mills."We're going to pursue our options to see if we can afford it," long-time school board member Ken Kane said Tuesday evening following a meeting of the board's Operations/Finance Committee. "It's something we've got to look at."Kane is the chairman of the committee, which met with School District Superintendent Dr. Maryann Anderson and other school administrators to discuss the proposed renovations. The 105-minute public meeting was held in the conference room in the administration wing contiguous with the Kane Middle School. No local residents attended the forum.Renovations at the 42-year-old high school building have been recommended for several years. But the proposed upgrades went on the back-burner when the district four years ago embarked on the construction of a new elementary school and extensive remodeling of the middle school.Now the school board is again focusing its attention on high school renovations."The next thing on the radar is the high school," Anderson said.Greer Hayden, architect with HHSDR-- the firm that designed the new elementary school, has developed a list of "additions and alterations" to the high school.The school board appears to be focusing on an option that sets total project costs at $12,237,000. This total includes $1,056,000 for a roofing project that has been completed.The school district would be expected to dip into its capital reserve fund for $1 million for school renovations. State reimbursements are estimated at $2.3 million, leaving a net project cost of about $7.9 million. A more expensive option calls for a net project cost of $18.7 million. It appears the school board won't consider this plan, although some components could be added to a final proposal.Some of the renovations suggested include:See full article by purchasing the Feb. 1 edition of The Kane Republican.