Meeting is tonight on school ‘pick-up’ policy

A meeting is slated tonight for parents who transport their children to the Kane Elementary School in private vehicles.According to School Principal Linda Lorenzo, the meeting is “mandatory” for parents and guardians who intend to use “parent pick-up” at “any time” during the upcoming school year.“They have to be here,” Lorenzo said in emphasizing the point that parents who “pick-up” their children after school must attend tonight’s meeting. She said parents who do not attend the meeting “won’t be able to pick up their children after school” when classes resume later this month.The forum begins at 6 p.m. tonight in the auditorium at the Kane Middle School. The regular monthly meeting of the Kane School Board will follow at 7 p.m. at the same site.In a letter to parents, Lorenzo said the mandatory meeting is necessary because “we must make all parents aware and gather necessary information on the students who will be dismissed through parent pick-up at any time during the school year.”During the meeting, Lorenzo and other staff members will be reviewing the “traffic pattern” and “parent pick-up procedure” at the school on West Hemlock Avenue.Parents will be asked to complete forms to “register” their children for pick-up by private vehicles.Information needed tonight includes:*The names of children to be picked up by private vehicles at “any time” during the school year.*Names and phone numbers of persons authorized to pick-up the students.Lorenzo said the school would provide placards to families with children who will be picked up. These placards will be placed inside the vehicle windshield and will be visible to school staff members stationed at the “loading zone” in the east parking lot.As the line of vehicles moves forward through the traffic pattern in the parking lot, staff members will look at the names on the placards. Using two-way radios, the outside staff members will relay the names to staff inside.See full article by purchasing the Aug. 2 edition of The Kane Republican.