More than 35 attend Women In Timber Luncheon

More than 35 attended the 14th annual Women In Timber Luncheon held Monday at the Colonial Inn restaurant on Fraley Street in Kane.The event is sponsored by the Kane-based Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group(AHUG) for women involved in the timber industry.Featured speakers for the luncheon included Jill Thompson of Kane, the local legislative representative for State Rep. Kathy Rapp (R-Warren, and Fritz Buehler Lecker of St. Marys, a legislative representative for State Rep. Matt Gabler (R-DuBois).In her remarks, Thompson said the Kane area state and federal government representatives are "extremely committed to their constituents" and are "very accessible.""They want to know your feelings," Thompson said. She called on the women to "be active and make your voices heard."Thompson is the manger of Rapp's office on Field Street in Kane. A native of Erie, Thompson has resided in Kane for 20 years. She has been the local connection with the Kane area state representative for 16 years.Thompson, the mother of three children, also is employed as a part-time school bus driver for Jim Airgood Busing of Kane.Active in Kane community events, Thompson is a past president of the Kane Area Chamber of Commerce.In her remarks, Lecker said local legislators "want to hear from the everyday 'Joe" about what issues are important to them" and "what works for them and what doesn't.""You need to speak up when you have a problem or suggestion," Lecker told the women. "Where the discussion leads may be very interesting. Just start a dialogue with that person who's in charge or command of the thing you are concerned about."Lecker said "anyone can make a difference" by stepping forward with an idea or comment on a specific issue.Lecker, one of 11 children, has had a long career in the timber industry and proudly states that she is "from a fourth generation logging family."See full article by purchasing the March 27 edition of The Kane Republican.