National Guard hauls soldier’s ‘Harley’ to Kane

It was a bittersweet road trip for six members of the field maintenance shop at the Pennsylvania Army National Guard base in Cambridge Springs near Erie.Traveling in two large National Guard work trucks, the group came to Kane on Friday to deliver a 2010 Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the Tom and Sue VanGiesen residence at 137 Lincoln St.The “Harley” was the pride and joy of Staff Sgt. Ken VanGiesen, a Kane native who was killed last July while serving in Afghanistan with the National Guard.Prior to this deployment, VanGiesen had worked at the field maintenance shop for about four years. The shop is part of a $19.5-million National Guard center that opened in 2007.In addition to the shop, the center includes a “readiness” facility that is home to more than 400 soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 112th Infantry.Chief Warrant Officer Mike Noble led the six-member delegation to bring the “Harley” to Kane. The motorcycle was strapped in an upright position on the back of an Army Load Handling System (LHS).After arriving at the VanGiesen residence Friday, the huge bed of the LHS was tipped to allow soldiers to “walk” the motorcycle off the rear of the huge eight-wheeled truck.A second truck—called a recovery vehicle—also made the trip from Cambridge Springs to Kane. Noble said this is the truck most often driven by VanGiesen when he worked at the shop.See full article by purchasing the July 2 edition of The Kane Republican.