New student pickup plan set at elementary school

A new plan has been proposed for student pickups at the Kane Elementary School at afternoon dismissal.Under the plan suggested by School Principal Linda Lorenzo, names of students who are regularly picked up after school will be printed on cardboard placards. Parents will be asked to display the placards inside their vehicle windshields when they arrive at the east parking lot to pick up their children.A school staff member carrying a two-way radio will be stationed outside near the driveway at the parking lot. After seeing the name on the placard, the staff member will use the radio to notify another staff member who is based inside with the students waiting to be picked up. The inside staff member then will send the appropriate students outside to board their parents' vehicle for the ride home.Lorenzo said her plan is based on a current system used at an elementary school in Bradford.Lorenzo said the placard system should "speed up" the student pickup procedure. But she said the main reason for the proposed change is "student safety." Only students who are called by staff will leave the building to board a waiting vehicle.Under the current system, students mingle outside and run when they see their parent or grandparent arrive to pick them up."We have great concerns to keep the children inside until their parents arrive to pick them up," Lorenzo said.See full article by purchasing the Feb. 4 edition of The Kane Republican.