Over 150 awards given at Academic Banquet

More than 150 awards were presented Wednesday evening at the 16th annual Academic Banquet at the Kane High School gymnasium.A total of 335 students and their families attended the banquet. The school cafeteria staff prepared the dinner.High School Principal Jeff Kepler said the attendance was "the largest ever" for the fete that recognizes students for their excellence in the classroom.Joyce Magnuson, the high school librarian, made her debut as the banquet chairman for the first time."I think it's so important to honor our students, who have strived hard during the school year," Magnuson said. "It's special to have the parents here when their children are recognized."Kepler said the school faculty did "a phenomenal job in recognizing our very deserving students."Jeff Gibbs, a teacher at the high school, served as the master-of-ceremonies. Magnuson gave the invocation.The school orchestra, under the direction of Henry Sobieski, performed several selections.Magnuson provided the following list of award-winners:Quiz Bowl: Daniel Blackmore, Isaac Robbins, Brent Rounsville, Kayla Snyder, Christopher Israel, Kyle McAlee, Hayley Walters, Kari Schleicher, Joel Strandburg.Accounting: Sasha Tudor.Earth Science: Dillon Mattis, Hannah Ross, Ricky Grundstrom.Honors Biology: Dillon Mattis, Tyler Blankenship.Physics: Alison Packard.Biology: Sasha Tudor.Physical Science I: Morgan Nicholson.Physical Science II: Nicole Shrubb.Advanced Biology: Makayla Anderson.Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry: Dylan Gilmore.Organic & Biochem: Deborah Lorenzo.Honors Chemistry: Isaac Robbins.Chemistry: Brittany Kowatch, Haylee Mague.Math-freshmen: Dillon Mattis, Hannah Ross, Ryan Stefani, Ricky Grundstrom, Tyler Blankenship; sophomores: Isaac Robbins, Jandilee Smith, Sasha Tudor, Lauren Myers; seniors: Dylan Gilmore, D'Ja LaVelle, Tyler Laurie, Joel Strandburg.World Cultures: Hannah Ross, Emily Truden.U.S. History II: Michael Geer, Sasha Tudor.See full article by purchasing the May 10 edition of The Kane Republican.