Plans under way for school channel on cable TV

Plans are in the works to add a Kane Area School District channel on the local Comcast cable television network.Chris Niklaus, assistant technology director for the school district, and Brian Wymer, high school business and technology teacher, discussed the proposal earlier this week at a meeting of the school board's Curriculum Committee.In his report to the committee, Niklaus said the channel would begin with a basic "storyboard." The "storyboard" would include slides, scrolling messages, photos and videos of school district activities.Niklaus said he hopes to have the cable "storyboard" ready to be "up and running" for the start of the next school year."Niklaus said the school district may need to spend between $10,000 and $25,000 for equipment for the proposed school district channel available only on Comcast cable-- not satellite systems such as Dish and Direct TV.Harry Steele, a school board member and chairman of the Curriculum Committee, said he is "all for the idea and concept" of a local school channel on Comcast. However, he believes Niklaus should develop a list of "specific expenditures" and a "timeline" for putting the channel on the air.He said he is not "comfortable" setting aside money in the next budget for the proposed cable channel until costs are solidified.Dr. Maryann Anderson, superintendent of the school district, said she is familiar with cable school channels in other areas.She said a school channel on the cable TV system is "extremely powerful" in informing the public about school events and announcements."You watch it," she said. See full article by purchasing the March 17 edition of The Kane Republican.