Rapp leads service honoring Cold War veterans

WARREN – A service to honor Cold War veterans was held Saturday, Nov. 19 at the St. Joseph Church in Warren.State Representative Kathy Rapp presented a ceremony as well as a luncheon, certificates and medals to honor the veterans. The Cold War was from Sept. 2, 1945 through Dec. 26,1991. "To all of the Cold War Era Veterans gathered here today who have served this country and its citizens so well, the residents of the 65th District are honored to have the privilege of thanking you for a job well done," Rapp said. "For more than 40 years, the steadfast efforts of you, America's Cold War veterans, preserved the delicate balance for peace and because of your strength the global war that many feared never came to pass."Words cannot adequately describe the valiant and too often overlooked sacrifices each one of you has made on our behalf. Because of you and those who came before and after you, we enjoy the blessings of freedom. We recognize the power and virtue of sacrifice, and we respect those who gave everything for our common good."Rapp asked those in attendance to never forget that the United States remains a free nation only because our military fought and continues to fight to keep it that way. "Countless American soldiers have put their lives on the line to protect people they did not know," Rapp said. "You have guarded our homeland, stood up for our allies and the oppressed around the world, and you have protected the rights guaranteed to all Americans by the United States Constitution.See full article by purchasing the Nov. 21 edition of The Kane Republican.