Skate/bike ramps again see heavy traffic

Young people in the Kane community were faced with an ultimatum and they responded in remarkable fashion.With the help of concerned adults and donations from businesses and individuals, the youths have repaired the skate/bike ramps at Glenwood Park on Hacker Street.The borough last fall closed the facility due to the deteriorated condition of the wooden structure.Claiming it doesn't have the money to make repairs, the Kane Borough Council basically told the youths to raise the money and fix the ramps themselves.The young people who use the recreational facility did just that-- with the help of many adults.The renovated skate/bike ramps are again seeing heavy traffic.During a community "work day" Thursday at the site, preliminary repairs were completed and youths were again riding up and down the ramps and showing tricky maneuvers."Their enthusiasm says it all," Mick Petruney of Kane said in praising the youths. He was one of the key adults who helped by bringing tools, drills and a compressor to the site."Everybody loves it," Joe "Puck" Wolfgang said in looking over the revitalized ramps. A 2006 graduate of Kane High School, he is one of the coordinators for the repairs.Wolfgang said he is impressed by the number of adults who support the youths who ride skateboards and bicycles at the ramps.See full article by purchasing the Aug. 10 edition of The Kane Republican.