Studio K Dancers perform at Disney World

A big, once in a lifetime dream came true on Saturday, June 23 for 22 dance students from Studio K in Kane.These dancers had the opportunity to dance at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. They started their dancing day with a workshop in the “Cast Members Only” rehearsal facility. The workshop was taught by Dena Goff, lead staging director and choreographer for the Magic Kingdom Castle Shows. Ms. Goff has been a dancer and choreographer with Disney World for over 30 years.She taught the dancers pieces from the “Disney Mania” castle show as well as “Circle of Life” from the Festival of the Lion King, currently performed eight times a day at the Animal Kingdom theme park. The students had the opportunity to take part in a “mock” audition where they got a taste of what auditioning for Disney productions, TV shows, parades, stage show and Broadway show is like. At the conclusion of the workshop, the dancers had a special guest…Goofy. While doing their final run through the routines, the dancers got a huge surprise when Goofy burst through the door and began singing and dancing with the kids. Ms. Goff remarked after the workshop how professional, talented and delightful the Studio K students were. Ms. Goff was especially pleased with their ballet technique and ability to remember choreography quickly. Following the workshop, the students got the opportunity to perform their own performance at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney. The Studio K dancers have been preparing this show since October of 2011. They logged well over 200 hours of practice to make sure their performance would be perfect. They danced to seven songs, including the Studio K signature song called “Hey Now! (This is what dreams are made of!)” They performed jazz, hip hop, lyrical and acrobatic routines with lots of energy and enthusiasm. A crowd of well over 200 people stopped to watch their performance and several guests even mistook the dancers for the girls on Lifetime TV’s Dance Moms! The performance was a hit and the crowd of visitors loved every second of it, cheering, clapping and supporting the 22 kids from the middle of the forest in Pennsylvania.Dancers included Kaarina Hemdal, Angela Cecchetti, Brittany Kowatch, Nicole and Hannah Brown, Lexi Kinney, Korrie and Kelsie Alexander, Marcie and Moira Stanisch, Madison Stahli, Hunter Zuzek, Lexi Novosel, Hannah Gullifer, Tess Lovero, Macie Miller, Katie and Kennedy Detsch, Rylee Johnson, Jenny Lynn Crowley, Bettina Cherry and Sarri Swanson. They will be performing their Disney show at the Relay for Life in Kane on August 4 at 11:00 am. All are welcome to attend. For more information on Studio K, visit