Supervisor Dyne resigns as Wetmore roadmaster

Citing a "lack of support and cooperation" from the other two board members, Supervisor Steve Dyne resigned Tuesday as the volunteer roadmaster for Wetmore Township."At this time, I will not be able to fulfill the daily duties of roadmaster," Dyne said in his letter of resignation. "Therefore, I resign from the volunteer position."The letter was submitted near the end of the monthly meeting of the three-member Board of Supervisors.Dyne, who is the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said in his letter that he would "continue to negotiate the use and protection of our roads with oil and gas users."Dyne has been the board chairman and roadmaster since January. He replaced Ron Conklin in both positions. Conklin lost his bid for re-election last year.Dyne not only has volunteered to serve as roadmaster, but has never filed a claim for mileage for the position.After the meeting, Dyne said he decided to step down as roadmaster after seven months because "it's hard to function without the support and cooperation of the board."He was referring to the other two township supervisors-- Bill Ryding and Elaine Bodistow, who also is employed as the township secretary-treasurer.Dyne said he believes "everything I do about the roads" has been questioned by Ryding and Bodistow."I don't need it," Dyne said.Bodistow, who defeated Conklin in last year's election, said the township roadmaster should consult the supervisors before making decisions."The board has to work as three people, not one individual," Bodistow said after the meeting. She said the position of roadmaster is "not a dictatorship." "There are things [Dyne] did that I had a problem with," Bodistow said in reference to Dyne's service as roadmaster. "He's a hard person to give your opinion to if he disagrees with you."See full article by purchasing the Aug. 8 edition of The Kane Republican.