Take Me Back Tuesday

This week's Take Me Back Tuesday picture is from the pages of the 1958 Hurri-Kane. Among the extra-curricular activities included in the yearbook was the Hall Patrol. The caption below the photo reads, Hall Patrol - Kane High traffic cops are the hall patrol men. Before the class bell rings, these boys man their stations in the halls, guiding student traffic in the right direction and on the right side of the halls, to lessen confusion and the danger of accidents. Without the hall patrols, many new students could not find their classrooms in the fall. Hall patrol is comprised of senior boys, with Mr. Victor Klein as adviser and Jim Scott, captain. Row I: B. Brown, Row II: T. Golden, A. Peterson, D. Johnson, B. Lindquist, Row III: A. Johnson, R. Bush, J. Scott, L. Grosch.