Truck jumps curb, damages Senior Center

Photo submitted — Local businessman Mike Merry uses a snow shovel Friday to pick up tiny pieces of glass. A freak accident shattered a large storefront window at the Kane Senior Center. 
Ted Lutz
Staff Writer

A tragedy was narrowly avoided Friday in a freak accident in front of the Kane Senior Center on Fraley Street.
A pickup truck jumped the curb in front of the Kane Senior Center and hit and launched a large metal trash container into a glass storefront window at the popular gathering spot.
The impact shattered a large section of the window into tiny pieces.
Miraculously, no injuries were reported.
The truck jumped the curb at the designated pull-off site for the Area Transportation Authority bus. 
Senior citizens who ride the bus would have been outside waiting to be picked up just minutes after the time the truck careened off the street.
Kane Borough Police Chief Heath Boyer said a Dodge pickup truck driven by Dave Figley of Wilcox jumped the curb at 12:30 p.m. Friday.
Police said the driver claimed his vehicle lost its brakes. The driver told police he swerved to miss a vehicle that had stopped in front of him in the westbound lane of Fraley Street.
The investigation continues, police said.
A total of 36 senior citizens were inside the center enjoying their noon-time meal when the window shattered.
Shirley Moore said she was working on a jigsaw puzzle at a table near the entrance to the front door at the time of the crash.
“It sounded like a bomb went off,” Moore said. “The window broke into a million little pieces.”
Moore, who is president of Kane Senior Citizens organization, was the closest person to the front window at the time of the incident.
She was startled by the shattering of the glass window.
“My heart was beating a hundred times a minute,” she said.
According to Moore, community volunteers quickly came to the center to offer their assistance.
She said local contractor Fred Johnson placed a wooden barrier in the opening created by the loss of the window.
Local businessman Mike Merry and Kane District Court Judge Dave Engman were among the volunteers to sweep up the small pieces of shattered glass, Moore said.
Zook Motors towed the truck, police said.
After the large window was knocked out, chilly air began to flow into the Senior Center.
But it takes more than a drop in temperature to spoil the fun times inside.
“After lunch, we played bingo,” Moore said. “We just wore our coats.”