Why does vacancy continue on Hamlin Township board?

Next month, McKean County Judge John Pavlock is scheduled to hold a hearing at the county courthouse in Smethport to hear from people interested in serving as a supervisor in Hamlin Township.The judge is expected to select one of the applicants to fill a vacancy on the three-member Board of Supervisors.As we've reported, the issue went to the judge after the township couldn't act on its own to fill the vacancy created when John Moffett resigned earlier this year.First, Supervisors Guy Raught and Don Compton couldn't agree on a nominee. Then the township Vacancy Board reached a stalemate. The Vacancy Board is headed by township resident Bill Belitskus and includes both supervisors.So, now the judge needs to hold a hearing and decide on the best candidate for the post.There have been nominees for the position, but they've been rejected by votes of the current supervisors and the Vacancy Board. Will one of these rejected applicants be chosen by the judge? If so, will there be hard feelings?Let's hope the judicial appointee is embraced and allowed to function as a supervisor. It's a thankless job in the first place. Also, the appointee no doubt will need to run for election. The voters can oust the appointed supervisor at that time, if they desire.Ted LutzReporterKane Republican