Corporal of the United States Army honors those who have fallen

Pictured is Baylee Swanson (left) and Paul Swanson (right).

Corporal of the United States Army and daughter of Paul Swanson, Baylee Swanson, joined the Wreaths Across America ceremony in Mount Jewett on December 18th.

Corporal Swanson said, “I’m stationed in Hawaii currently.  In the Military Intelligence Unit, I worked with supplying the NCOIC (noncommissioned officer in charge).  I’ve worked that section of my job.  I’ve been there for a year.  I’ll be there for two more years.  My plans are to get out after that.

“I was a Combat Engineer for three years on the west coast, but then re-classed to Supply.

“I will get out on December 2023.  I will be six years in the United States Army.  I’m planning on coming back over here.  Not in Mount Jewett but we are looking and will be living in Pennsylvania with my wife, Ally Swanson.

I’m ready to get out.  I did my time.  I’m ready to come back to the civilian world, get a job, and live a normal life.  That is basically all that I have planned for now.”

Pennsylvania National Guard, 20 year Veteran, and father of Baylee Swanson, Paul Swanson, said, “I was in the infantry in Combat Arms.  I wasn’t in combat.  I was very impressed that Baylee did as well as she did in Combat Arms.  I was nervous about her going into combat arms, but she totally changed my mind about it due to how well she did.”

“Baylee went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and did her basic and advanced training for Combat Engineers.  I was pretty impressed.  She graduated 3rd in Combat Engineer out of 174 soldiers containing mostly men.

“Baylee was in Fort Lewis, Washington state as a soldier for Combat Engineers.  She was on the ground floor and was one of the first females in her unit out on the west coast.

“We are proud to serve and to have served our country.  We are proud to be Americans!”

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