Girl Scout book drive

Members of Ridgway Girl Scout Troop #26597 work to organize books donated as part of their Book March for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

RIDGWAY — A children’s book drive in memory of Hailey Mae Matheson has already picked up steam in just its first week of operation as over 400 books have been donated in the month-long project to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Mother Ali Matheson, whose daughter died tragically at the age of eight in May of 2020, said the idea came about during her daughter’s time in the hospital.

“When we were in the hospital, we were able to read books to her,” Ali Matheson said. “It is really nice that hospitals have libraries for the children staying there.”

In a social media post, Matheson had this to say about the experience, “I kept a few (books) that I read to Hailey during our stay. This was a comfort to me to be able to read to her during that time. I’m absolutely positive many patients staying in the hospital appreciate having books to read during their stay.”

Matheson said that after her experience with the children’s hospital she kept in touch with staff and during those contacts asked what types of things could be done to give back and help other children.

Ridgway Girl Scout Troop #26597 also wanted to get involved. Hailey Mae Matheson was a Girl Scout and Troop #26597 wanted to help give back to the hospital. This led to the creation of the Girl Scout’s Book March for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, which runs throughout the month of March.

Ali Matheson said the drive is for books for children of all ages that are new or gently used. Matheson said they are requesting that books be in nice condition for donation to the hospital.

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