Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of October 28, 1935

Molson Awaits Transportation to Western Pen to Begin Life Sentence, Appeal Not Likely- Six weeks to the day after he was captured and charged with murder, Nathaniel Molson, a 17 year old former Kane High school student and CCC worker, this afternoon was awaiting transportation to the Western Penitentiary at Bellfonte, to serve a life sentence. Molson, found guilty Saturday night of the slaying of William Campbell, Kane High School janitor, was expected to be taken to prison by Shefiff Russell Lindsley not later than Wednesday.

Serenader Slain, Girl is Wounded By Farmer Near Warren- Walter Mahan, 25, son of Mr and Mrs H W Mahan, was shot Friday night, during a serenading party in honor of a newlywed couple, at the hme of Harry Firth, near Lander, died from his injuries Saturday afternoon at the Warren General hospital. Because an irate farmer objected to the noise of an old-fashioned “chivalree”, Mahan was fatally shot and Miss Dorothy Firth of Jamestown has a severe wound in her left arm.

Alert Warren Team Spills Wolves 28 to 6 – Kane High Outrushes Foe But Dragons Take Advantage of Breaks – The Russell Field bugaboo, a giant jinx which has crossed its fingers against Kane High every time the Red and Blue’s eleven has played football at Warren, continued to hypnotize the Wolves Saturday and the Dragons took a comparatively easy one 28 to 6.

Two Hurt, 15 Arrested in CCC Riot Near Here – Troopers Jail 15 Recruits at Sugar Run Camp- Mess Hall Raided by Rioters During Outbreak.

‘Quake Jars 17 Eastern States- Four Distinct Shocks Felt Here – Buildings in Kane Business Section Rocked By ‘Quake – Only damage reported was to a foundation wall of the Kane Manor on Clay street, although the tremors were felt in all parts of the borough.